Welcome to the Games & Society Lab

At the Games & Society Lab, our students and faculty are dedicated to the research and development of playful, interactive experiences. The aim is to advance our understanding of games as media and push the boundaries of what games can be.

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About the Lab

The Games & Society Lab is a part of the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. Our students and faculty come from all parts of the world and bring together a broad range of design and research interests. These include games for teaching and learning, traditional board games, role-playing games, games and equality, transformative games, and the psychology of games. Students and faculty not only work together in the lab, sharing our varied cultural backgrounds and expertise. We also have multiple collaborations with outside academics, researchers, developers, and industry leaders.

Focus Areas

Work at the Games & Society Lab is divided into three focus areas:

1. Social psychology of games and gaming

This focus area explores the psychology of playing games. It looks at two areas:
How games work through and affect the mind, and how players behave towards and around one another.

2. Socio-cultural aspects of game design

Games are made by people, and who those people are influence the games that get made. The way games are made also plays a part in what they can become. This perspective looks at how the way games are made influence what those games say and mean.

3. Games for personal growth – Investigating transformative game design

Games let you try new ways of acting and being. By learning from psychology, theatre and performance art this perspective explores new ways for games to do this. The aim is games that let the player grow as a person.​

You can read more about the focus areas and the research projects that are part of them on the research projects page.